TruckerCo High-Performance Cream Tire Sealant Review

TruckerCo High Performance Cream Tubeless Tire Sealant 500mlRecently finding myself out of tire sealant and ready to set up a brand new tire on a new wheel, I decided to shop around to see what’s out there since the brand that many often consider the gold standard – Stan’s No Tubes – can sometimes be quite expensive, and there are numerous competitors on the market today. I stumbled upon TruckerCo, a brand which I’m already familiar with thanks to their aftermarket disc brake pads, so I decided to give their sealant a shot.

What’s in the package?

Most bottles of sealant come simply as the bottle by itself, or maybe a scoop to use with it. TruckerCo instead includes a syringe to inject sealant, which was a big selling point for me as syringes can cost between $5 and $15 alone (and sometimes more!), as well as a sticker if you’re into that sort of thing.

Is it easy to use?


While I’ve been setting up my own tubeless tires for more than a year, this is the first time I’ve ever used a syringe to add sealant.

As usual, I vigorously shook the bottle of sealant to make sure it was thoroughly mixed and then inserted the syringe’s tube into the bottle to pull out the scoop-equivalent amount of sealant.

With the tire completely installed on the rim, and no need to leave a portion of the bead off, I removed the core of the tubeless valve stem and put the syringe’s tube over the stem.

From that point, I simply squirted in the sealant and removed the syringe’s tube.

Syringe 1

In the past when using a scoop, I found I was always making a huge mess. To install using a scoop you need part of the bead removed, and then after scooping sealant into the open section of tire, you have to finish installing the bead with sealant sloshing around inside.

Considering my usual tubeless setup involved lots of paper towels cleaning liquid latex off my hands, workbench, and floor, I was very pleased that a few drops were all I had to worry about cleaning up by the time I put the valve core back in the stem.



The first two weeks of testing were quite eventful for me, and I inadvertently ended up testing the sealant across a number of wheels and tires – I cracked a rim on my commuter bike, had to switch a wheel with my mountain bike (while using the slick tire from my commuter bike) so that I could ride to work, and then had to set up two brand new wheels again when my replacement wheels were built.

Unlike my previous experience with tubeless sealant, TruckerCo’s sealant managed to seal tires rather quickly.

Typically, the first week or two would often require me to inflate my tires every day, as they’d lose 10-15 PSI over the course of 24 hours until many days of riding helped the tires truly seal.

With TruckerCo’s sealant, I found even by the second day that the tires were only losing roughly 5 PSI per day or less, and was quickly back to my normal schedule of pumping up tires once a week.


TruckerCo High-Performance Cream Tire Sealant is competitively priced with the added bonus of an injector syringe to make sealant installation cleaner and easier. Taking into account both the value and the performance, we recommend TruckerCo’s tire sealant. The 500mL bottle is available over at Amazon and they also have the 1 Liter bottle here.

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