Topeak Joe Blow Pro: The Best Floor Pump for Road Bikes

Topeak JoeBlow Pro Floor Bike PumpMany novice bikers have underestimated the importance of owning a good quality pump. As mentioned in our recent article “great gifts for a cyclist”, there are other bike pump options that will work well in a pinch or as a gift for someone else.

However, if you are really ready to step it up in terms of your biking gear and want to invest in a high-quality item that doesn’t come cheap – but is worth every penny – then we feel that the Joe Blow bike pump is the best choice. (Amazon has it here)

In this article, we’ll go into all the details of this premium pump and discuss why we love it, its features, and why you’ll wish you’d already bought one!

This pump weighs less than 3 pounds, and its barrel is made of high-quality polished aluminum. It has a very comfortable ergonomically designed handle and has been tested multiple times to ensure quality and durability.

It includes 160 PSI/11 bar pumping capacity and features a 43-inch long hose. Keep reading for the specific features that make this pump our top pick.


  • Used by both professional and amateur riders alike
  • Made using high-quality materials and components
  • Tested to ensure quality and durability
  • 160 psi/11 bar Pumping Capacity
  • Smarthead works on Schrader and Presta valves
  • Polished Aluminum Barrel
  • Weight: 1.35 kgs/2.98 lbs
  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 9.8 x 28.9 inches

Why Topeak Joe Blow Pro bike gear?

Before we get into the specifics of the Joe blow pump, we wanted to quickly tell you a little bit about its parent company. Topeak is a company that has been in business since 1991 designing and manufacturing high-tech, streamlined biking gear for the serious cyclist.

Topeak products have been touted by the pros, along with the editors of Mountain Bike magazine, Road Bike magazine, and others, as the go-to brand for quality. Topeak’s products have won over 30 awards that include accolades from pro-cyclists all the way to winning “most popular readers choice product” as voted by the everyday cyclist reading the magazines mentioned.

Now that you know why we love this brand, let us talk about some of the features of this pump specifically that makes it a great buy.

Fill all types of tires without having to swap parts

One of the primary reasons that we love this pump more than other brands is because of its fantastically designed “Smart Head Adapter” that will work to inflate both Schraeder and Presta valves. Most other brands of pumps – especially the cheaper ones in the $30 or less range – tend to only inflate one type of tire.

If you move up the scale, you can find models around $60 that will inflate both types of tires but require the rider to go through the hassle of changing the valves around every time they need to use the pump for a different valve type.

With this pump, it is quick and easy to fill both Schraeder and Presta valves, as the Smart Head adaptor does all the adjustments necessary so you can just attach it, fill your tires, and be ready to ride faster.

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Perfect inflation every time with included multi-use adaptors

Compared to other pumps, we love that the Joe Blow pump has an easy to read gauge that is large and located near the base of the pump handle. Since the base is closer to your face and larger than most other pumps, it is much easier to accurately fill your tires to just the right PSI – not too much or not enough.

Additionally, if you do accidentally overfill your tires, it’s easy to press the pressure release button near the gauge to let out tiny bits of air at a time, which ensures accuracy and prevents overfilled tires from popping.

Finally, we think its pretty cool that this pump is actually a multi-use item, even though it’s not intended to be. Amazon customers note using the pump on not only bike tires but also car tires, footballs, soccer balls, jogging stroller tires, a swim raft, a kiddie pool and many other items!

Makes inflation comfortable, quick and easy

With its padded ergonomic elastomer handle, this pump is more comfortable on the hands and back – especially since the feet of the pump are rubber-tipped to better grip the floor when you are filling up your bike tires. Plus, with its extra-long hose, the Joe Blow pump allows you to fill your tires without taking the bike off a work stand, unlike other pumps.

Additionally, if you need to transport this pump to a race, for a camping trip, or for a long-distance trek, it travels beautifully as its handle locks to ensure it stays in place when moving or transporting it.

Reviewers note Topeak offers great customer service and long-lasting products

We talked a bit above about how great of a company Topeak is, so it comes as no surprise to us to find that many other Amazon reviewers also felt that way about them.

Several Amazon customers commented that Topeak quickly and easily offered to send the replacement parts for orders that arrived broken or damaged. Several other people also noted that if they had a question or comment, or needed a replacement part sent out, that everyone they spoke to at Topeak offered them consistently friendly, patient and knowledgeable service.

Finally, if you are looking for a long-term investment, we can’t help but reiterate that this pump is really the best choice and is worth its somewhat steeper price point.

Dozens of happy customers on Amazon claim that this pump has lasted them 5, 10 or even 15 years with only minor cleaning and oiling or – at most – one or two minor parts replacements to keep it working in tip-top, near-new condition.

If you have arthritis in or injury to, your hands you may want to skip this pump

One of the only negative aspects of this pump that we could find was that several different people noted that the valves were difficult to get on and off various tires, especially when the product is brand new.

Having a tight-fitting valve makes sense as it will more quickly and efficiently inflate your tires without having to stand there pumping away longer than you should have to. However, if you have a hand injury, arthritis, or plan to buy this for a child, it may not be the best choice as there is a small chance of pinching your fingers in the valve if you think you may not have the strength to open a tough clasp.

The good news is that the average adult should have no issues with the valve on this product, and even if it is a bit stiff in the beginning you can rest assured that it will loosen up over time.


Thanks for reading our review of what we feel is the best bike pump on the market right now. This one hits all the right notes for quality, durability, ease of use, and efficiency.

I will probably be using pumps from this company for years to come and if you decide to pick one up for yourself, it may be the last bike pump you ever end up buying! (Read the reviews and check the latest price)