Bike Safety Tips: Riding your Bike in Traffic

As road cyclists, we often do our best to choose the quietest roads with as little motor vehicle traffic as possible.  These roads often result in the most enjoyable rides and the fewest chances for conflict.  Unfortunately, not all rides are so free of cars.  Whether there’s an unexpected detour […]

Bicycle Safety Almanac

Statistics about Safety, Fatalities, & Injuries Stats about Pollution, Energy Use, Walking, Highways, and Airplanes, are on our general Almanac page. (All statistics below refer to the United States unless otherwise noted.)

Bike lanes

Bicycle Lanes: A No-Brainer?

You might think that all cycling advocates would support bicycle lanes. You’d be wrong. Some cyclists oppose bike lanes on the grounds that they protect only from rear-end collisions (which are rare), and increase the likelihood of collisions at intersections (which are more common).