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Is it legal to ride a bike on the interstate?

Is it Legal to Ride a Bike on the Interstate?

Interstate highways criss-cross America, promising a faster drive, clear lines of sight, and easier access to otherwise far-flung towns and cities. The purpose of the interstate was for motor vehicles as a way to speed up travel and make it safer. Interstates were built with that mind: wide, as flat […]

Bicycle Tire Pressure

Bike Tire Pressure: Everything You Need to Know

Are your tires inflated just right or are they a little low on pressure? What if you overfilled your tires? Neither are great scenarios to be in. Underinflated tires are likely to lead to a whole host of issues. These include some tires wearing down faster than others, heat building […]

The Road Bike: A Comprehensive Guide 1

The Road Bike: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to understanding your options as a brand-new bicycle enthusiast, you may feel overwhelmed. You have a ton of options, and you have a lot of upgrades and additional gear you can add to upgrade your bicycle in many ways. I get it. It was the same way […]

Bicycle Ticket Moving Violations

Bicycle Ticket Moving Violations: What are They?

When we think of getting a ticket from a police officer, we most often think of automobile tickets for things like speeding, drunk driving, and broken signal lights. However, cyclists are not immune from getting tickets for their own moving violations. Even though a bike is not really much like […]

What does a bicycle tune up consist of?

What Does a Bicycle Tune-Up Consist Of?

If your bike that has been lying in the garage for a while and you want to start riding again, or you’ve been using it and it needs a service of sorts, you have to make sure that what you do is right to keep the bike in good shape. […]