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Bicycle Documentaries

Note: The number of amateur bike movies has exploded thanks to new technology like cheap/tiny camcorders, iMovie/digital video, and YouTube. I have no hope of keeping up with hundreds of short videos and I’m not going to try. The only new videos I’ll list on this page will be either […]

Cycling calculator

Going Car-Free Can Make You a Millionaire!

Going Car-Free can Make You a Millionaire! As seen in Get Rich Slowly and 20 Something Finance You’re paying more for your car than you think. A typical American who goes car-free for 35 years can save over a million dollars, even adjusted for inflation

Bike tour requirements

Resources for Bike Tours

Tips for Cross-Country Cycling There is nothing like seeing the world from a bicycle – peacefully, slowly, and with your own power. The sense of accomplishment when finishing a long ride is also rewarding – in some cases, it can be a life-changing experience. And touring with a partner you […]

Bicycle Music

NOTE: I’m no longer cataloging any odd song that happens to mention or even be about bicycles. From here on out I’ll only be adding those that really stand out. So please send me songs only if they’re worthy of inclusion. Uninspiring folk songs that have nothing special about them […]

Red-light running deadliest in Arizona

Triggering Traffic Signals with a Bicycle

How to trigger Vehicle Traffic Loop Detectors After we published our original article (below) on this subject, we received the following from an engineer who seems to know what he’s talking about: “I read your article on triggering traffic signals with a bicycle and would like to tell you a […]