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5 Helmets under $100

What Are the Best Bike Helmets for 2019?

We recently looked at some updated stats on bike helmet usage and accidents tied to cycling and so it’s also time to look at some great affordable helmets for 2019! One of the barriers to bicycle helmets for many people is the price and the perception that to get the […]

Raining Featured Image

Bike Commuting: It’s Raining!

Rain, rain, miserable rain. Nothing can ruin plans for a good bike ride more than rain! But the secret is: riding in the rain can actually be fun! Okay, I’ll admit it’s not always fun, but it’s pretty easy to make it a tolerable experience, and I’m here to give […]



What are Pedicabs? When we think of bicycles, we tend to think of the two-wheel bikes or maybe tricycles (if you have kids), but there are more types of pedal propelled modes of transportation than that! One of the popular ones, particularly in many areas of Asia and in large […]

Continental Gatorskin Review 3

Continental Gatorskin Review

One of the most popular articles on our site is our ‘how to fix a flat tire on a Bicycle.’ The theme of the article is not only to show you how to fix a flat but also shows you things you can do prior to leaving your house to […]

Bicycle Universe - Scarf for Cycling

Bike Commuting: Planning for the Weather

When I started commuting to work by bicycle a few years ago I began checking the weather reports every day. At first, it was to plan whether I would be riding to work the next day at all, as I only wanted to ride when it was nice out. As […]

Bike Commuting: Riding at Night 1

Bike Commuting: Riding at Night

Riding in the dark is something you’ll need to be prepared for as a commuter if you wish to ride throughout the entire year, or if you simply have a work schedule where you’ll be commuting in the early hours of the morning or later hours at night. Much like […]