Nutcase Helmet Review

When Michael Morrow first came up with the concept of Nutcase helmets, it was indeed a nutty idea bourne from a very pure desire to do something different.

Having drawn their closest rivals the Oregon Ducks, Morrow decided to create a tribute to his favorite team, the Oregon Beavers in the form of a specially designed helmet.

Featuring his team’s colors and some rather unfortunate plastic ducks with nails through their rear-ends, the diehard Beavers fan had unknowingly produced the very first in a long line of nutcase helmets. At the same time, this was merely for fun at the time but having gathered such an incredible response from fellow fans at the game, Morrow knew he was onto something.

When Nutcase was born….

As far as the former creative director at Nike was concerned, helmets were boring and in hindsight, his simple conception seemed rather inspiring. After all, helmets are pretty much an extension of the person wearing the item, yet traditional designs were typically bland and unflattering.

It was during this moment when Nutcase was born and the prospect of wearing a helmet was changed forever. From skaters and skateboarders to bikers and snowboarders, Michael Morrow was in the process of creating the most influential and stylish range of helmets known to man.

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But what was the general purpose of Nutcase Helmets?

But what exactly are Nutcase bike helmets all about? Well, there was little to no imagination used when it came to the design of helmets in the past, so Nutcase had resolved to make them cool again amongst the people who should use them.

With no competition in the market, they had also become the only stylish company to produce individualistic helmets which were as much a fashion statement as they were safety devices.

The objective of Nutcase helmets is to combine highly visual graphics with multi-purpose helmet designs that are popular among bicycle, skateboard, scooter, and in-line skate enthusiasts.

Michael Morrow first began to look at every aspect of the market but as mentioned, he saw no organization who were focusing on helmet design in the same way, while he also felt that both adults and kids would appreciate something a little more fun.

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Nutcase Helmets feature across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia and as the founder correctly points out, the usage of helmets is not about to die out anytime soon, while there is currently no company who can compete with his trendy and fashionable new business.

Why should you opt for a Nutcase Helmet?

Although this is just a helmet, right? Wrong. Nutcase Helmets are not only the most fashionable on the market, but the helmets are manufactured to the highest levels of quality and safety, while they fit with extreme comfort.

In fact, this is most often the comment you will find through reviews, customers had made their purchase based on appearance only to find out that the helmets are also breathable, and genuinely comfortable.

Furthermore, Nutcase bike helmets are lightweight which makes them perfect for bike commuting in particular, but at the same time, further reviews show that they seem to be “perfect” in more than just a few ways.

However, let us return to the question of “Why Nutcase” for a moment and assume that these helmets are comfortable and safe in every way.

Absolutely no manufacturer on the market puts more time into the design of their helmets and this is beautifully illustrated in the range of trendy designs to be found. Whether the helmet is for children or adults, there is literally one which is sure to please everyone.

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Some Nutcase Helmets to consider

Considering the great variety of these helmets, it is also unsurprising that Nutcase has particular styles for different sports, people or general use:


A removable dial strap makes the strap very easy to adjust on the Metroride but then the magnetic buckle further ensures this is as practical, as it is impressive when it comes to appearance. Extremely lightweight and oozing with class, this is also one of the most breathable Nutcase Helmets on the market.

Patterned Street Helmet for Adults

One of most distinguished in the range, the Patterned Street Helmet takes trend-setting to new levels but this is also one of many helmets to feature lightweight characteristics and a useful magnetic buckle.

The Zone

Skateboarders and BMX crew love this one for reasons of comfort but also for the streamlined design which ensures they perform exactly the way they should, and don’t get in the way in the process of doing so. That said, they are also surprisingly cool in spite of their minimalistic design.

Little Nutty

Needless to say, there is also a range for kids and again, the Little Nutty keeps as much focus on safety as fashion. While the magnetic buckle ensures kids can put on or take off without issue, the street-style and colors make this a huge hit with children.

Other Nutcase Helmets

Baby Nutty

Is it their first helmet? You can expect adorable designs and comfort with a Baby Nutty but obviously never at the expense of safety.

Water Use – Featuring removable ear pads and again, a very handy magnetic buckle, the Nutcase Helmet for water is another example of how the brand’s innovation is universal.

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International artists and evolving designs

It must be noted that from the outset, the founder of Nutcase Helmets continually sought advice on possible designs from family, friends, and customers.

Since this time, they have also worked with some very large international artists to create even more unique concepts, but the overall message here is that these helmets are designed in such a way that people want to wear them, and no longer because they have to wear them.

From the beautiful designs of Little Nutty and Patterned Street Helmet to the great care and love put into this company from the founder down, Nutcase Helmets is currently leading the way in a market which seemed very much in need of their inspirations.

Indeed, while he may have created this company from a passion to honor his team, Michael Morrow has breathed life into the helmet industry and given the people some genuinely stylish helmets so that they too can pay tribute to their commute.

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