Gifts for the Cyclist Dad

Often times it is difficult to shop for the men in your life. However, if you need a Christmas, Birthday, or Father’s Day gift for the avid cyclist in your life, we’ve got you covered! Whether he’s a mountain biker, competes in Road or Crit races, commutes to work by bike, goes on long-distance bike trips, or spends his weekends cycling with his kids, we have the perfect gift for every guy and every budget.

We hope that these suggestions can help spark some great ideas, so you’ll be ready in advance this year for any holiday where a bike-themed gift is in order!

Gifts Under $50

  • A Selection of Different Biking Themed T-shirts

    For those of you looking for something that he can wear this year that’s sure to get a laugh when its opened, we’ve found four different biking themed t-shirts. From the kid-appropriate, “Wheel cool grandpa” to the slightly more PG13 “Oh shift!”, we’re sure that one of these will get the bikers in your life chuckling. Each one of these shirts will be in the $10-$20 range, check them out below:

    T-shirt One: I am a mountain biking dad. It’s like a normal dad but way cooler

    T-shirt Two: Wheel Cool Grandpa

    T-shirt Three: Oh shift

    T-shirt Four: Life behind bars

  • Mud and Road Grit ‘Leg Shield’ for Work Commutes

    The next great gift on our list works especially well for the man who uses his bike to commute to and from work or school every day. This leg shield acts as a complete covering for the entire lower leg from ankle to knee. It is made of a thin, flexible, neoprene fabric with Velcro tabs that make it easy to put on and take off – and it comes in either non-descript black or bright reflective yellow.

    It allows the riders work pants to easily tuck inside so they will be protected from chain grease, mud and road grit. You can get one of these for about $15 or so, but if you want one for each leg, make sure you buy two as they are sold as single items and not pairs.

  • Crank Brothers M19 Multi-tool

    We’ve mentioned the Crank brothers M19 in a few other articles, and it deserves another mention here as it is one of the best gifts you could give a road warrior who wants to be able to make minor adjustments and repairs on the go.

    The M19 is made by a very good quality and long-standing company and it’s a lightweight, small, and durable. It’s well designed so it can be used with gloves on, and when its stored in the case it comes with its resistant to damage by water and dirt.

    This tool has a limited lifetime warranty and is a brand favorite of many famous pro cyclists. It’s available on Amazon for around $30 – which is a fantastic deal for such a useful, premium item. The M19 comes with the following tools:

    M19 tool set:

    • Hex Keys/wrenches: (#2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8)
    • Flat Screwdriver: 1
    • Torx: T-10, T-25
    • Philips Screwdrivers:
    • Open wrenches: 8mm, 10mm
    • 4 spoke wrench (0, 1, 2, 3)
    • Chain Tool: 8/9/10 speed compatible
  • Mirrycle Bike Handlebar Mirror

    If the guy you’re buying for frequently bikes at night, at dawn or dusk, or on busy city streets, this one is for you. TheMirrycle bike handlebar mirror is perfect for vastly improving the visibility for a biker, as it provides a clear view of what’s going on behind them without the need to constantly turn around.

    This mirror can be purchased singly for about $15, or as a set of two for about $30. This handlebar mirror is easy to mount with its included wrench, pivots on a ball joint at any angle and is three inches in diameter to give you a nice, clear view of what’s behind you. This gift is an unexpected and practical one!

  • BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump with Gauge & Smart Valve Head

    Although the Crank brother’s M19 is a great tool when you need to make a repair, one thing it can’t do is inflate your bike’s tires. As most cyclists already know, having your tires inflated to the correct tire pressure is essential to ensure that you get a smooth and comfortable ride. Plus, tire pressure is important to make sure your rims remain straight and your tire treads don’t develop excess wear-and-tear. All of this means that the cyclist you’re buying for needs a good quality tire pump that he can rely on.

    Although there are many to choose from like the classic Joe Blow Pro which is a favorite of ours, we feel that a great value bike pump is the BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump with Gauge & Smart Valve Head. This bike pump will set you back about $30-$40 and offers an intelligent twin valve design which can easily switch between Presta and Schrader valves without any air leaks.

    Even better, your cyclist gift-getter will have an easy time using this item as it has an extra long hose with a pivoting end and a very large PSI gauge – making filling a bike tire to the right PSI much easier. To top it all off, this pump is stable, durable, and made of aluminum with comfortable ergonomic handles. Out of the many choices for bike pumps, we think this one is a great choice and great value for money.

Gifts Under $100

  • Assos Chamois Cream – Anti-chafe, Antibacterial Cream for a More Comfortable Ride

    Chamois cream is something that many riders use but don’t talk about. As such, new cyclists or uninitiated gift-givers are often left scratching their heads as to what this cream is and why bikers need it.

    Chamois cream is a lubricating cream that is applied directly to the skin areas in constant contact with the bike seat, as well as to the chamois (a type of leather) pad inside special bike shorts. This cream can be used by anyone who bikes regularly, although most riders in speed and long-distance races consider it a must. It also makes long commutes and camping trips much more comfortable.

    We feel that Assos Chamois cream is the best, as we have mentioned in a previous article, and that its well worth its roughly $50-$60 price range. The reason that Assos beats out other chamois creams as our favorite go-to cream, is because it is made with high-quality, natural and non-irritating ingredients, offers the rider a pleasant cooling sensation when it is applied, and is antibacterial and reduces itching and inflammation. Although this gift may seem unusual, for the practical man who seems to already have everything else, this cream is perfect.

  • Reflective, Strong and Wearable Bike Lock

    The Hiplok DC Wearable Lock is perfect for a biker who lives in a large city with higher crime rates, as well as all men that commute to work or school by bike and need a safe way of securing their bike until they need to ride it home again. This lock is unique as it is the first combined D and cable lock to be offered as one easy-to-carry package. It consists of a very secure 13mm hardened steel D-lock shackle with a hardened steel body casing that is coasted in a tough nylon outer shell. If you think this one may be too small, the company also makes a 14mm and a 15mm size option as well.

    The Hiplok DC lock neatly contains and acts as the storage space for an additional matte-long 5mm steel cable. Used together, these two locks pack a powerhouse of security for your bike, but also fold up neatly and easily so they can be clipped onto the biker’s belt or bag while they are riding their bike.

    At around $60, the slim profile, integrated clips and array of different color choices – green, all-black, or orange, makes this a perfectly practical gift to protect the avid bikers most prized possessions – their bike! We have an article here on some other highly rated bike locks

  • Delta Cycle Bike Storage Rack for Indoor Storage.

    Since many more people are starting to live in smaller spaces in the city, storage of bulky sports equipment can prove challenging. Many men who are trying to bike to work to save money, lessen their environmental footprint, and commute around a busy city more quickly and efficiently need their bikes to be easily accessible but not in the way and blocking high traffic areas of their homes. This storage system – the Delta Vertical Bicycle Storage Rack is perfect for a home with a biking couple, or a single biker who competes in races, camps or for some other reason needs to carry a lot of gear. This gift also offers great value for your money for around $50, as it gives its user so much space back in their home. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

    This bike storage rack is quick and easy to set up according to reviewers on Amazon and saves its user a ton of valuable floor space. This rack can hold a maximum combined weight of 132lbs, which is made possible partly because of its pivoting hangers and hooks which keeps the bikes balanced around their centers of gravity.

    This rack is well made and reviewers state it has never slipped or fallen due to its heavy-duty construction and grooved rubber foot pads. However, one important factor reviewers note should be considered is that this bike rack only works in single story rooms with normal height and un-vaulted ceilings. If the biker your getting a gift for lives in a home where space and accessibility are a challenge, this gift might be the perfect solution.

Gifts Under $200

  • Muc-off Eco-friendly Complete Bicycle Cleaning Kit with Brushes

    If you really want to go all out to buy the bike lover in your life an amazing gift – the ultimate bike cleaning and detailing care kit is the right gift. Muc-off is a company in the UK that has designed, made and manufactured high-quality, biodegradable cycling products since 1991 – and one which many European pro-cyclists have come to trust and rely on. This fantastic cleaning kit contains everything that any biker would need to clean and detail their bike to ensure it looks great and performs well for years to come.

    Below, you’ll find a list of what the lucky recipient of this gift will get in their kit. Please click on the hyperlink in each items name to learn more about that item and why it’s a bike cleaning and detailing essential.

    • 1 liter of biodegradable, award-winning bike cleaner
    • 500ml of bike protectant spray
    • 50ml of wet lube
    • 250ml of drivetrain cleaner
    • Microcell Sponge
    • Claw Brush
    • Soft Washing Brush
    • Detailing Brush
    • Two Prong Brush
    • Luxury Microfibre Cloth

    If the person that you are giving this kit to is a newer rider who doesn’t yet know the many steps involved in properly cleaning a bike, Muc-off has you covered. Just direct your gift recipient to this handy guide that breaks down a step-by-step process of exactly how to clean your bike with all the products included in this handy kit.

    When the biker is done cleaning their bike, they can store everything in the tool-chest like heavy duty case that everything originally arrives in so that its ready to go the next time they need to clean their bike.

  • Hiplok Airlok Secure Bicycle Wall Mount – Storage, Security and Art all-in-one Item!

    With a price range of just shy of $200, the Hiplok Airlok Secure Bicycle Wall Mount is our most expensive gift option. This stylish piece is perfect for bike storage in any home where space is at a premium especially, but it is also great for those who want to keep their bike in a convenient and close-by location that’s still out of the way of household foot traffic. Finally, the Hiplok has the added benefit of turning your bike into a stylish and practical piece of art in your home that is an instant conversation starter for dinner party guests who will be quick to comment on it.

    This item comes with a steel post that is coated in plastic to protect your bikes frame and it comes with 3 coded keys that can be replaced if they are lost. This storage hook can be installed inside or outside, and all the clamps are brushed with rubber to avoid scratches and damage. Finally, its triangular design means the Hiplok is not only stylish but practical too, as it fits almost any size of bike-frame.


We hope you’ve enjoyed some of our suggestions for finding the perfect gift for the men in your life that love cycling. All these items have great reviews and we feel that at least one (if not more) of these great gifts will be the perfect fit for almost every male cyclist, occasion, and budget. Happy shopping!