Are bike brake pads universal?

Are Bike Brake Pads Universal?

Your brake pads are one of the most crucial components on your bike. They determine just how effective your braking system will work, especially in wet and slippery conditions. Unfortunately, brake pads are a consumable component that undergoes wear and tear and may require to be replaced over time. If […]

Where Are Bikes Made?

Where are Bikes Made?

We all love bikes! They come in different shapes, sizes, and have amazing features that we find quite practical and useful during our rides. But do you know where the bike you are riding is manufactured? So where are bikes made? Given the numerous types and designs in the market, […]

Bicycle Universe - Do Aluminum Bikes Corrode

Do Aluminum Bikes Corrode?

One of the biggest challenges for bike owners is trying to keep their bicycles from the effects of corrosion. Corrosion happens due to exposure of metals to elements and leads to the deterioration of metals and general bike performance. This is why bike manufacturers are using different metallic elements for […]

Bicycle Universe - How Long Does It Take To Bike A Mile

How Long Does It Take To Bike A Mile?

You might consider yourself a recreational cyclist who goes out to exercise the muscles and get a breath of fresh air. But how far would you go on an ordinary bike ride, and just how long will it take you to bike a mile? It’s a question in biking circles […]

Bicycle Universe - How Much Does a Bicycle Cost

How Much Does a Bike Cost?

So you’ve just developed an interest in cycling and you are thinking of shopping around for a new bike. Well, you’ll be interested to know that your options are not limited. The trickle-down effect of modern technology has ensured that bike buyers like yourself are spoilt for choice. However, everybody […]

Bicycle Universe - How much Does a Bicycle Weigh

How Much Does A Bike Weigh?

If you are going out to get a bike for yourself or your kids, one of the key considerations you’ll have to make is definitely the weight. I’m sure you are asking why this is so? Well, you’ve seen how triathletes hoist their bikes over their heads using just a […]