Bicycle Ticket Moving Violations

Bicycle Ticket Moving Violations: What are They?

When we think of getting a ticket from a police officer, we most often think of automobile tickets for things like speeding, drunk driving, and broken signal lights. However, cyclists are not immune from getting tickets for their own moving violations. Even though a bike is not really much like […]

What does a bicycle tune up consist of?

What Does a Bicycle Tune-Up Consist Of?

If your bike that has been lying in the garage for a while and you want to start riding again, or you’ve been using it and it needs a service of sorts, you have to make sure that what you do is right to keep the bike in good shape. […]

Is rain bad for your bike?

Is Rain Bad for Your Bike?

Riding your bike in wet weather can be so much fun: While everybody else is locked inside their houses, you could have the entire road to yourself as you happily skid through puddles of water. It’s almost like being a kid again, taking your bike out for the first time. […]

Is it possible to commute on a mountain bike?

Commuting on a Mountain Bike: Is it Possible?

If you’ve grown tired of the long hours waiting in traffic while driving to work or the overall hassles of public transportation, a good option could be to get a bike for an easier and possibly more pleasant commute to work. There are several ride options you could consider, and […]

Is it Illegal to Ride a Bike Without a Helmet?

Is it Illegal to Ride a Bike Without a Helmet?

Helmet laws in the United States are scattered, strange, and can be difficult to keep up with. The main point of contention is that many of the states do not bother to enact bike helmet laws at all and instead, leave that up to municipalities to decide. This leads to […]