Cygolite Hot Shot Pro 150 Review

Cygolite Hotshot Pro 150 USB Rechargeable Bike Tail LightToday we’d like to review another great item made by Cygolite, the Hot Shot Pro 150.

We have talked about this company and why we like it in previous articles, so today we just want to talk about one item specifically that we have personally used, and feel is an essential item to own – especially for cyclists who like to bike in the dawn or dusk, or for people who commute to work every day while living in a busy city.

The Hot Shot Pro is a powerful 150-lumen rear bike light that clips behind the rider’s seat. Like all Cygolite products, it’s designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA.

The light is small, red, and has several different modes of operation and a long-lasting battery.

Although you can use this light for many different purposes, we have used them personally as a rear flasher during the day in crowded environments.

While using the lights, we’ve had several drivers comment on how visible we are and how much the light helps catch the eye of drivers. The Hot Shot Pro is a small light that has 6 different modes for use both at night and during the daytime.


  • Powerful 150 Lumen bike tail light with adjustable brightness and flash speeds; lasts up to 210 hours on a single charge
  • 6 exclusive night and day modes provide enhanced safety: Steady, Zoom, Steady Pulse, Daylighting, Triple Flash, Random Flash
  • Steady Pulse alerts with pulses as its overlapping steady beam helps motorists gauge their distance
  • Daylighting’s powerful flashes highlight your presence in daylight
  • Designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA

Long Lasting Battery

We all know that one of the most annoying aspects of using bike lights is that they often die on you right when you really need them the most. Although its impossible to find one where this is guaranteed to never happen, the Hot Shot Pro comes pretty close since it will last up 210 hours on just a single charge.

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Different Light Modes Help You See and Be Seen in Many Different Road Conditions

Cygolite Hotshot Pro 150

As we mentioned, The Hot Shot Pro has 6 exclusive night and day modes. This can be very helpful if you are biking in a city where the weather can be unpredictable – you bike to work in a jacket in the rain, and by the time you’re off work the rain has lifted and it’s bright and sunny.

This light, unlike many other rear lights, has the ability to easily adjust to allow you to seamlessly transition between the different modes while you’re on the go.

The 6 modes offered by this light:

  • Steady
  • Zoom
  • Steady Pulse
  • Daylighting
  • Triple Flash
  • Random Flash

We find that the Steady Pulse and Daylighting modes – unique to the Cygolite brand – to be the most useful features. These two modes allow the light to remain constantly on while it is interspersed with extra bright pulses of light every second or so.

The main difference between them is that their main use is either meant for night time or daytime. Since there are two buttons to control the light, these modes maximize motorist’s awareness of the rider on the road, as well as helping them gauge their distance to you.

Extra Wide Beam with Moisture Control

Finally, we love that this light is significantly wider than its contemporaries – and that difference really shows on the road. The size of this light means that it casts an extra wide beam of light and does a much better job of lighting, not just the road directly behind you, but also the road area behind you to the left and right sides as well.

Even better – especially if you live in a rainy or humid area – is the fact that the Hot Shot Pro was specially designed to keep dirt and moisture out. That means that you won’t have an issue with condensation building up on the inside of the light and impairing its ability to light your path in the future.

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Faulty Bracket Attachment and a Possible Solution

The one flaw that we feel should be mentioned about this bike light is its bracket attachment. Several Amazon reviewers noted that although they loved the light itself, they were a bit unimpressed by the clip that attaches the light to the bike.

They note that if you are planning to attach the light to the outside of a fabric saddle bag that this shouldn’t be an issue for you, but that if you plan on attaching it directly below your seat, then there is a small chance of the light slipping off and becoming lost.

To prevent that from happening, we recommend that you purchase the inexpensive bike light attachment bracket made by Cygolite to fit this light (found here). If you install this and then attach your Hot Shot Pro to it, you can be assured that the light will not slip or fall off.


Thanks for taking the time to read this review. We hope that you’ll find this light to be as useful and highly illuminating as we do – there is no such thing as being too visible on the road! You can pick one up here at Amazon.