Bike Commuting (Part 9): Riding at Night

Riding in the dark is something you’ll need to be prepared for as a commuter if you wish to ride throughout the entire year, or if you simply have a work schedule where you’ll be commuting in the early hours of the morning or later hours at night. Much like […]

Bicycle Universe Levers

Bike Commuting (Part 5): Equipping Your Bike

Whether you’re commuting to work, going out for an intense group ride, or just pedaling on the local greenway, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared for a simple repair. Typically the worst you’ll encounter is a flat tire, which thankfully is a relatively easy fix for the majority […]

Bicycle Universe Pannier

Bike Commuting (Part 4): Packing Your Bag

The bike’s ready and your route is planned, but is your bag packed? Or do you even need one? Let’s figure out what you should bring with you for your commute! Choosing a Bag – Backpack or Pannier? If your bike doesn’t have rack mounts to hold a pannier, then […]

Bike Route

Bike Commuting (Part 2): Planning Your Route

You’re ready to pack your bag, hop on the bike, and go!  But a question still lingers: what’s the best way to get there?  Chances are you’ve already been driving to work for a while and are familiar with how to get there by car, but getting there by bike […]

Bike commuting in stop-and-go traffic

Bike Commuting (Part 1): An Introduction

I’m happy to hear you are considering bike commuting, a fun and healthy way to get around! Perhaps you’re trying to save money by driving a car less or want to “go green” by cutting down on emissions. Maybe you want to increase your independence from an unreliable bus schedule […]