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Accountability on the Bike: Consider a Camera

The last few years have seen an explosion of action cameras on the market.  GoPro has created such a name for itself that “GoPro” has nearly become synonymous with “action camera”, but other big names like Garmin and Sony have joined in, as well as countless Asian-made knockoff brands.  While […]

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Bike Commuting (Part 13): What I’ve Learned Commuting

Bike commuters are people I envied for years until I finally one day said to myself, “I’m riding my bike to work tomorrow.”  I had spent all my life relying on a car for transportation, and using a bicycle for anything other than recreation was a concept that felt foreign […]

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Bike Commuting (Part 7): Why Does My Bike Creak?

Not much can be more infuriating and ruin a perfectly good bike ride than hearing a persistent creaking and not knowing where it’s coming from. Your ears may deceive you, and the creak you were convinced was coming from the back of your bike all ride was actually coming from […]

Bike Commuting (Part 12): Picking Out a Bike

In my first article a few weeks ago I made it a point that you can commute on any bicycle in safe working condition, and I wasn’t lying! Over the last few years of commuting, I’ve used a road bike with skinny tires, a 20+-year-old mountain bike with shifters that […]

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Bike Commuting (Part 11): It’s Raining!

Rain, rain, miserable rain. Nothing can ruin plans for a good bike ride more than rain! But the secret is: riding in the rain can actually be fun! Okay, I’ll admit it’s not always fun, but it’s pretty easy to make it a tolerable experience, and I’m here to give […]