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Accountability on the Bike: Consider a Camera

The last few years have seen an explosion of action cameras on the market.  GoPro has created such a name for itself that “GoPro” has nearly become synonymous with “action camera”, but other big names like Garmin and Sony have joined in, as well as countless Asian-made knockoff brands.  While […]

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Bike Commuting: What I’ve Learned Commuting

Bike commuters are people I envied for years until I finally one day said to myself, “I’m riding my bike to work tomorrow.”  I had spent all my life relying on a car for transportation, and using a bicycle for anything other than recreation was a concept that felt foreign […]

Bike Commuting: Picking Out a Bike

In my first article a few weeks ago I made it a point that you can commute on any bicycle in safe working condition, and I wasn’t lying! Over the last few years of commuting, I’ve used a road bike with skinny tires, a 20+-year-old mountain bike with shifters that […]

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Bike Commuting: It’s Raining!

Rain, rain, miserable rain. Nothing can ruin plans for a good bike ride more than rain! But the secret is: riding in the rain can actually be fun! Okay, I’ll admit it’s not always fun, but it’s pretty easy to make it a tolerable experience, and I’m here to give […]

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Bike Commuting: Planning for the Weather

When I started commuting to work by bicycle a few years ago I began checking the weather reports every day. At first, it was to plan whether I would be riding to work the next day at all, as I only wanted to ride when it was nice out. As […]

Bike Commuting: Riding at Night

Riding in the dark is something you’ll need to be prepared for as a commuter if you wish to ride throughout the entire year, or if you simply have a work schedule where you’ll be commuting in the early hours of the morning or later hours at night. Much like […]