Bike Safety Tips: Riding your Bike in Traffic

As road cyclists, we often do our best to choose the quietest roads with as little motor vehicle traffic as possible.  These roads often result in the most enjoyable rides and the fewest chances for conflict.  Unfortunately, not all rides are so free of cars.  Whether there’s an unexpected detour […]

Why Bicycle Commuting Is the Best Part of My Day

Ah, the dreaded morning commute. Around the world, reluctant workers trudge to their cars in the morning, hoping that today will be the day they beat the morning rush hour and start their day off right. The dread continues after a long day in the office when tired workers return […]

Bicycle Universe Insert Missing Link

How to Fix a Broken Chain on a Ride

A broken or mangled chain is fortunately not a common occurrence, but it can certainly end a ride fast. And depending on how the chain fails, it could rip off your rear derailleur, bend chainrings, or even damage your frame! Preparing to address a broken chain is simple and the […]

Bike Share Docks

Dockless Bike Share Has Arrived in Charlotte!

Bike shares have been rolled out in large cities around the world as a way to give people a way to get around faster than walking without having to worry about bus schedules or paying for a cab. Unlike traditional bike rentals, these bikes are designed for short trips, such […]

Bike Riding Trails

Five Ways To Get Excited About Riding Your Bike Again

As cyclists, sometimes we get into slumps that make it difficult to enjoy the hobby we love or even stop us from hopping on the bike at all.  It could be bad weather, brutal winter cold, or just an incredibly busy schedule that kills your motivation. Not much feels worse […]

Rob's Favorite Gear

Bike Commuting: Rob’s Favorite Gear

Over the last few years I’ve taken advantage of the money I’ve saved by driving less to try out lots of gear. While some of it was pretty bad and not worth a mention here, a lot of it was great and I still use it to this day. Below […]