Cell Phones: More Dangerous Than Driving Drunk

Texting more dangerous than drunk driving A test by Car and Driver magazine showed that texting is more dangerous than driving drunk. A Virginia Tech study showed that texting is 17 times more dangerous than just talking on the phone. A Harris poll showed that 66% of respondents admitted to […]

Madonna del Ghisallo - Patron Saint of Cyclists

Patron Saint of Bicycling: Madonna del Ghisallo

Also known as Our Lady of Ghisallo; Madonna of Ghisallo Profile Medieval legend says that Count Ghisallo was travelling near the village of Magréglio when he was attacked by highway bandits. Spotting a image of the Virgin Mary in a roadside shrine, he broke away from his attackers and ran […]

Car Criticism

Consequences of oil addiction Wars for oil are an obvious consequence of our addiction to oil. But there are lesser-known atrocities. Take the case of Ken Saro-Wiwa. He campaigned in Nigeria to stop Shell and Chevron from taking over native people’s lands to drill for oil. The oil companies, in […]

Lots of Biking Books

Bicycle & Transportation Books

PEDAL POWER: The quiet rise of the bicycle in American life by J. Harry Wray. 2008. 248 pp., 6″x9″ Wray examines how cycling has organized itself across this country and internationally through the grassroots efforts of various people.