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Cycling in Traffic

Bicycle Universe has been online giving answers, tips, and advice to bicycle enthusiasts since 2004.

Rob Schweizer, who writes for Bicycle Universe, has been bike commuting for 8 years and is out there on his bike come rain or shine – and even snow! Learn all of his tips and tricks so that you too can bike commute year-round.

Rob Schweizer

Rob is a New England native who has been living in Charlotte, North Carolina, since 2012. Upon learning how to ride at the age of five he quickly found that everything is better on a bicycle and hasn’t stopped riding since.

Bicycle Commuting Handbook

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Here are some of the topics that are covered in our guide;

  • What kind of bike you need
  • Type of clothing and what works best
  • How to plan and navigate your route
  • What you need to carry
  • Panniers and backpacks
  • How you can get cheap cameras for your bike
  • The best places to mount the cameras
  • How to ride safely in the dark
  • Planning ahead for the weather
  • What gear and clothing you need for when it’s super hot or super cold
  • How to fix small bike repairs while riding
  • How to be seen in traffic
  • Tips and lessons learned earned after 8 years bike commuting
  • Favorite bike commuting gear


The Bike Commuting Handbook is an eBook that is a PDF download NOT a hardcopy book. Once downloaded it can easily be printed and bound if necessary.

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$9.99 – NOW $4.99 (For a limited time)

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  • An Introduction
    • What Do I Wear?
    • How Do I Carry My Stuff?
    • Won’t I Smell Bad?
    • Are You Ready To Get Started?
  • Planning Your Route
    • Rural and Country Roads
    • Multi-Lane Roads and Thoroughfares
    • Bike Lanes
    • Greenways and Sidewalks
    • Tips for Riding in Traffic
    • Make Yourself Visible
    • Act Like a Car
    • Signal Your Intentions and Control the Lane
    • And Off We Go!
  • Choosing a Bag – Backpack or Pannier?
    • Packing Clothes
    • Packing Lunch
    • Other Items to Consider
    • Time to Pack!
  • Equipping Your Bike
    • Tools For Fixing a Flat
    • Multi-Tool for Roadside Adjustments
    • Emergency Lights
    • Bike Cameras and Mounting Them
    • Helmet Mount – Front
    • Handlebar Mount – Front
    • Handlebar Mount – Rear
    • Seatpost Mount
    • Chest Mount
    • A Note About Pivot Arms
    • License Plates and Drivers
  • Basic Bike Repairs
    • Locating a Creak on Your Bike
    • Headset, Bars, and Stem
    • Cranks, Pedals, and Bottom Bracket
    • Saddle and Seat Post
    • Spokes
    • Quick Release Levers
    • Why a Torque Wrench?
    • How to Fix a Broken Chain on a Ride
  • Riding at Night
    • Remember: The Lights Aren’t Just for You!
    • The Two Types of Bicycle Lighting
    • Mounting Your Lights
    • Increasing Your Visibility with Reflective Gear
    • Increasing Your Bike’s Visibility with Reflective Tape
    • A Note on Daytime Lights and Trail Lights
  • Planning for the Weather
    • High Heat
    • Chilly Temperatures
    • Bitter Cold
  • It’s Raining!
    • Tips For Riding in the Rain
    • Keeping Dry vs Keeping Warm
    • Protect Your Feet
    • I’m at Work, But What Do I Do with My Cycling Clothes?
    • What About Snow?
  • Picking Out a Bike
    • Style of Bike
    • Tires
    • Brakes
    • Fender and Rack Mounts
    • Comfort
  • What I’ve Learned Commuting: a 5 Year Reflection
    • Starting Out Isn’t Always Easy
    • Pack Early and Leave Early
    • You’ll Become More Alert and More Aware
    • Be a Good Example
    • It’s Better to be Safe Than Right
    • Cycling is Your Stress Relief – Keep It Fun!
  • Rob’s Favorite Gear
    • Cygolite Metro Headlights
    • Shimano M520 Pedals
    • REI Waterproof Pack Cover
    • Sugoi Zap Jacket
    • Gore Bike Wear Windstopper Thermo Lobster Gloves
    • Crank Brothers M19 Multi Tool
  • That’s a Wrap!

 $9.99 – NOW $4.99 (For a limited time)

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Our Bicycle Commuting Handbook is the result of years of bike riding and commuting experience, hours of writing, and a desire to help others use their bikes more often.

“Get a bike, lose the car, and help the environment!”

~ The Bicycle Universe Team