Best Dog Bike Accessories

Best Bike Accessories for DogsIf you’re tired of Fido always having to stay home during your dirt bike adventures, then you might invest in some dog bike accessories. Before you begin poking around the Internet to find anything, you’ll probably have some questions that are worth addressing.

For instance, where can you even find riding accessories for your dog? It’s not like you can waltz into your local pet store and pick them up there. You also want to ensure any accessories you get are safe. You might know how to ride, but your dog doesn’t. He or she is just along for the fun. You don’t want any vet visits ruining your day.

If you in a hurry though and want to get straight to a few we like on Amazon, then see below;

Most dog bike accessories are either baskets or trailers. Baskets make Fido feel safe because they’re tall and deep. If your dog wants a breather, they can always duck their head in the basket and just chill while you ride.

Dog bike trailers let your dog in on the riding action. These trailers for small, mid-sized, or large dogs often boast aluminum frames for safety. They also have rear wheels and an attachment hitch for connecting to your bike. From there, Fido can ride alongside or behind you.

These are the three best dog bike accessories for 2021:

Travelin K9 Pet-Pilot Dog Bike Basket Carrier — With four and a half stars on Amazon, the Travelin K9 Pet-Pilot is available in a slew of sizes and colors. These include turquoise, silver, passion purple, neon yellow, neon pink, neon green, neon blue, and cherry red.

Recommended for eight-pound dogs, the Pet-Pilot has a two-point chrome clasp that attaches to your bike. There’s also a safety leash that can connect to your dog’s harness. This mesh basket carrier has padded top edging and mesh air vents at the front for great airflow.

The 12×7 floor is padded and includes steel mounting for supporting the weight of your dog. The walls have a depth of 8.5 inches and the opening for your dog to climb in is 14×9. The Pet-Pilot shouldn’t sway due to its handlebar mount.

DoggyRide Novel10 Anniversary Bike Trailer — With its removable back legs that help it double as a tent as well as an aluminum alloy frame, it’s no wonder the DoggyRide Novel10 is practically a five-star product. This collapsible trailer won’t take up too much room in your garage. You only need to remove a pin to collapse it.

The luxury pet mat foam flooring is two inches thick. It’s even topped with an extra layer of memory foam for added comfort. The Novel10 can carry dogs that are least 60 pounds. The aluminum alloy chassis is rust-resistant, as are the hubs and spokes. There’s even a cargo roof rack for stashing extra essentials.

Rage Powersports 2-in-1 Pull-Behind Dog Bike Carrier — Doubling as a push stroller, Rage Powersports’ bike carrier can hold dogs up to 130 pounds. Its mesh exterior and interior are great for visibility and breathability.

If using it as a stroller, make sure you only put a dog in there that’s about 85 pounds. Twenty-four and 28-inch bikes are best for the Rage Powersports universal style hitch. The three wheels are different diameters. The single front wheel is 12 inches so the trailer can traverse short grass, pebbled paths, pavement, and sidewalks. The rear wheels are 20 inches for extra stability.

Features to Look for in Dog Bike Accessories

  • Safe to use: Safety is a paramount concern when buying dog bike accessories, as it should be. You want a dog carrier that has thick, sturdy attachment and installation hardware, especially the hitch. All the pieces, such as screws and clasps, must be in good condition right out of the box and not come rusted or dinged.
  • Durability: Aluminum alloy is a popular material for most dog bike trailers for a reason. It can handle wear and tear but won’t rust or corrode. Mesh panels should be built to last as well.
  • Breathability: The carrier, be it made of canvas, aluminum alloy, or another material, must have mesh vents and air holes for your dog to breathe. It can get warm in some of these trailers, but the dog should not be at risk of any health issues as they ride. Air has to be able to move in and out of the carrier freely.
  • Fast, easy installation: Your trailer or basket should ideally come with all the hardware you need to hook it up to your dirt bike. This includes but isn’t limited to hitches, mounts, clasps, hubs, spokes, and screws. Installation is supposed to be a short process with few steps. By the time you’re done hooking up the trailer, you can feel confident that it’s a secure and safe environment for your dog to ride with you.
  • Weight support: The weight rating should be displayed right on the box or package so you know not to surpass it. The floors of the trailer must be comfortable yet reinforced with steel or aluminum so your dog doesn’t risk falling through during an especially exciting ride.
  • Large openings: The openings for Fido to get into and out of the trailer have to be wide and long enough for them to fit comfortably inside. These openings should close via a zipper or Velcro so they don’t flap around while you ride.
  • Wide trailer/basket: The interior of the carrier must be large and wide enough that your dog can freely sit, stand, and lie down. If your four-legged friend feels too cramped, they could get nervous and upset, which would ruin your ride.
  • Comfort: The walls and floor should be padded. If your dog does decide to sit or lie down, they shouldn’t feel metal underneath them. A comfortable environment means you can go on longer rides with your favorite friend.


There are plenty of dog bike accessories out there. The baskets and trailers we recommended are among the best as they are the most highly rated. They’re built with sturdy materials, have secure connectors for hooking up to your bike, and include mesh vents for your dog to breathe easily, even on thrilling rides.