Best Cycling Gloves to Prevent Hand Numbness in Winter

Best cycling gloves for winter

Whew, it sure is frigid out there! With winter in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about your cold-weather bike gear. After all, if you’re trying to make bike commuting or riding enjoyable and bearable this winter, then you’re going to need the right clothing and gear.

Few things are worse than riding with cold, numb hands. You can’t feel the handlebars, which puts you at risk of an accident. The bottom line then is that you need to find the right gloves sooner than later. Ideally, your winter cycling gloves should be high quality so they’ll last you many years.

That’s why we’ve dug around to bring you several sets of our favorite cycling gloves. Whether it’s 50 degrees or 20 degrees Fahrenheit, we’ve got gloves for a variety of winter weather conditions. All promise optimal interior warmth as well as waterproof and weatherproof qualities.

Let’s take a look at the list, shall we? Your hands will thank you!

What Are the Best Gloves for Semi-Cold Days?

Pearl Izumi Thermal Lite Gloves

If you plan on riding your bike outside when it’s 40 or 50 degrees, then you don’t necessarily need a heavy-duty thick glove. After all, in that weather, it’s cold, but it’s not freezing. There’s also less risk of hand numbness.

We like the Pearl Izumi Thermal Lite Gloves for those kinds of days. These are black gloves that are made of PRO Thermal Lite fabric. They’re intended for “mild conditions” only, so yes, don’t wear them in temperatures that are lower than 40 degrees.

Not only will your hands stay toasty, but there are reflective logos on the tops and insides of each glove that can make you more visible in dark conditions. The fingertips are covered in a silicone screening so you can grip your handlebars just as well—if not better—than if you weren’t wearing gloves at all.

The other materials that go into the Pearl Izumi Thermal Lite Gloves are polyamide (one percent) and polyester (99 percent).

INBIKE Men’s Touchscreen Winter Thermal Gel Bike Gloves

Listen, sometimes you want to be able to see and feel each individual finger as you ride your bike, and we understand that. That’s why we’re suggesting long-fingered gloves as well as lobster gloves (more on those momentarily). A great option of the long-fingered variety is INBIKE’s Men’s Touchscreen Winter Thermal Gel Bike Gloves.

Not only are these awesome-looking gloves, but they’re not super expensive, either. You have two color choices, red or blue.

INBIKE’s long-fingered gloves include a loop and snap fastener and closure at the wrists. This lets you fit the gloves securely around your wrists, even when wearing a winter coat, giving you that perfect fit. After all, who likes to tug and adjust their coats when trying to cycle? No one.

Like the other gloves we’ve touched on, INBIKE’s have reflective surfaces for better visibility. They’re also waterproof and windproof so your hands never end up moist and freezing before you can get home from a ride.

The included palm gel padding in both gloves will improve your riding control with their vibration absorption. Not only that, but your grip will be better, too.

What Are the Best Lobster Cycling Gloves?

Gore Bike Wear Men’s Roadstopper Thermo Lobster Gloves

Once the temperatures hit 30 degrees and below, you’ll want to invest in a pair of lobster gloves. As the name tells you, these gloves separate your fingers so they resemble the claws of a lobster.

There’s a slot for your thumb, then your index and middle fingers go together and your ring and pinky fingers go together as well. This way, each finger has a buddy to keep it warm.

It may feel a little awkward sporting lobster gloves for the first time, but these really are the most effective for sub-zero riding. Lobster gloves are almost like mittens but intended for cyclists.

Our first pair of lobster gloves we recommend is the Gore Bike Wear Men’s Road Windstopper Thermo Lobster Gloves. These are designed for easier riding with their strengthening material at the forefinger and thumb.

Another cool feature of note on the thumbs is an absorbent pad so if you sweat, you can quickly wipe it off and get on with your ride. And yes, if you’re doing intense riding in the winter, you will sweat.

Not only that but the Gore gloves are great at preventing the wind from chilling your fingers to the bone. With their super long cuffs, you should be able to tuck the gloves into your jacket or coat sleeves. This way, your wrists will stay warm as well as your hands.

If you’re riding at night and doing turn signals, you’ll really appreciate the reflective strips found on the sides of Gore Bike Wear’s gloves.

The lobster gloves include PrimaLoft insulation for plenty of warmth even in very cold weather. They’re made entirely of polyester.

Pearl Izumi Ride Pro AMFIB Lobster Gloves

If you already know and trust Pearl Izumi for your slightly warmer-weather gloves, then you might as well invest in their lobster gloves as well. The Ride Pro AMFIB Lobster Gloves come in two colors, Screaming Yellow and black. The former is a great choice for both fashion and if you want to be seen when riding in the daytime.

Like the Gore Bike Wear gloves, Pearl Izumi’s lobster gloves also include a thumb wiping surface. Theirs is made of fleece. You get several reflective logos and elements too that will aid you during nighttime riding. After all, it gets darker so early during the winter that if you commute on your bike, it’ll practically be pitch black by the time you leave the office.

The Ride Pro gloves boast a Clarino synthetic leather palm. This adds to the durability while providing softness. The Primaloft Gold insulation promises “warmth without bulk” so you shouldn’t have any difficulty feeling the handlebars, even in downright chilly weather.

The P.R.O. Softshell that is this glove’s namesake has a DWR finish that is supposed to safeguard the gloves from wetness and wind. The rest of the gloves are made of polyurethane (eight percent), elastane (10 percent), nylon (36 percent), and polyester (46 percent).

Domain Cycling Windproof, Waterproof Lobster Gloves

Domain Cycling says their lobster gloves are “well-made, not junk!” The palm area of each glove is reinforced so they won’t wear out, fade, or fray. The multi-density thermal lining means your whole hands stay warm, not just your fingers.

With extended elastic cuffs, there’s no need to worry about glove looseness or bunching here. The cuffs will keep the gloves in place, even if your hands begin to sweat. That may happen since Domain Cycling designed their lobster gloves to reduce heat loss. That’s yet another benefit of the lobster glove style.

Domain Cycling’s gloves are totally waterproof. While we don’t recommend soaking them, you theoretically could while keeping your hands dry.

What Are the Best Gloves for Freezing Cold Temperatures?

MOREOK Full-Finger Thermal Cycling Gloves

If you commute to and from work on your bike and the temperatures dip into the 20s, which gloves should you wear? You have to have something since it’s not like you can skip going into work just because it’s cold. While the gloves we’ve covered thus far are great for insulating your fingers, none of them can handle temperatures that are in the 20s, until now.

Enter the MOREOK Full-Finger Thermal Cycling Gloves. These highly-rated gloves are available in a slew of colors, including gray, fluorescent yellow, orange, deep red, deep black, dark blue, black and blue, and black and gray.

Inexpensive yet durable, MOREOK’s gloves can also be used for climbing, fishing, skating, driving, and lifting in addition to cycling. No matter which activity you use them for, the Full-Finger Thermal Cycling Gloves include a palm triangle shock absorber system. This has a printed silicone grip as well as five millimeters of gel padding. You’ll have less glove bunching as well as better handlebar grip.

The loop and hook strap closure lets you secure your gloves where you want them, be that underneath your coat or on top of it. Also, the reflective material that is all over the gloves allows you to ride safely, even as it gets dark before five o’clock.

If you’re the type who likes to take a break and text while on your cycling adventures, you’ll appreciate how MOREOK’s gloves work on smartphones and other touchscreens. The thumb and index fingers have white pads that are touchscreen-sensitive so you can text, send emails, or take a call.

Don’t be fooled; these gloves are anything but thin. Lightweight, yes, but with their soft backer lining, your hands won’t freeze even in 20-degree weather.


With many parts of the country blanketed in thick, frosty snow, if you plan on doing any cycling, you need gloves that will protect your fingers from the biting cold.

Moreover, these gloves should be lightweight enough that you don’t lose your grip on your handlebars.

From long-fingered gloves to lobster gloves and everything in between, our suggestions will keep your fingers free from numbness all winter.